PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus


PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus is an interactive learning experience with more than 35 hours of video training that enables you to prepare for the PMP exam at the comfort of your home or workplace. We help you understand the nit-ties and grit-ties of the subject by getting into the core concepts of PMP.

PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus?

PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus consists of custom built learning modules to provide an in-depth insight into the Knowledge areas and Process groups associated with the subject. Following are the learning modules we provide to help understand the subject on a higher level.

PMP® Pass Suite Video Workshop - Provides a detailed insight into each process relative to its knowledge area.

PMP® Mock Exam - A guided learning module that provides you an interactive experience in understanding the way PMP® questions are answered in real-time.

ITTO Practice Set - A unique series of learning module that helps you easily memorize all the Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs based on each knowledge area and its associated processes.

PMP® Simulator - Access to 600+ PMP® questions with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced levels along with an exam portal that helps your understand your strengths and weaknesses with regards to the subject.

PMP® Prep Flashcards - The PMP® Prep Flashcards are an excellent study tool for students interested in mastering the terminology and concepts to the exam.

PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet - The PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet is an essential study tool for those wishing to do well on the exam.

Certificate for 40 Educational Hours - To sit for the PMP exam, you must earn 40 hours of formal project management education. By completing this comprehensive course, the necessary educational credit is met. We provide a certificate that verifies this accomplishment. As you can tell, the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus Video Workshop is an essential component to earning this global credential.


BONUS ITEM #1: PMP® Pass Mentor Program – Your Mentor is Assigned on Day 1!
We have been in the PMP training business for more than a decade, and our clients include major companies and universities. From this experience, we developed the PMP® Pass Mentor Program. Your mentor is assigned from the day you purchase the program. This individual will gather expectations from you, and create a roadmap to help you succeed. If you have a question regarding a topic, your mentor will provide a response within 24 hours. We’re confident that our experience and commitment level are unparalleled in the industry. The PMP® Pass Mentor Program is included – no extra charge!

BONUS ITEM #2: PMP® Pass Live Seminar Series – Access to Live Seminars!
To make your learning experience better, you are invited to the PMP® Pass Live Seminar Series. Right … your membership to the live seminars is included with the purchase of the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus Program – FREE! The seminars are held frequently, and are designed to bridge any knowledge gaps you might have. These sessions are facilitated by experienced PMP® instructors who share important project management topics, tips for completing the PMP® application, and essential test-taking tips. Because the session is live, you can post questions directly to the instructor and get an answer immediately. For those who miss a session or wish to review it later, the recording link is provided in your learning management system (LMS).

BONUS ITEM #3: Access to 200 PMP® Questions – Will Improve Your Score!
Your purchase of the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus Program keeps getting better! Once you log into your portal, you have access to 200 questions that are designed to prepare you for the actual PMP® exam. You will take them as a Pre-Test, and again as a Post-Test. By doing so, you will see the progress made by going through the training. Of course, you have access to these FREE questions when you wish to practice. You have full control of your study plan. For additional guidance, please reach out to your mentor, which is a FREE benefit to you. 

PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus


Package Includes

  • PMP® Pass Suite Video Workshop
  • PMP® Mock Exam
  • PMP® Simulator
  • ITTO Practice Set
  • PMP® Prep Flashcards
  • PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet
  • Certificate for 40 Educational Hours
  • Bonus Package included

BONUS ITEM #4: PMP® Accelerator Study Guide – Maximize Your Study Time!
The PMP® Accelerator Study Guide provides helpful tips on how to maximize your study time. There are far too many people who are preparing more than 200 hours for this exam. Why? They are unsure how to study. In most cases, they are reviewing too many sources. This study guide was created by PMP subject matter experts (SMEs), and provides specific information on how to use your time wisely. The average prep time for the PMP exam is 60 hours, and the PMP Accelerator Study Guide provides clear instructions on the most important topics. This tremendous resource is provided FREE as part of the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus Program !

BONUS ITEM #5 (VIDEO): Access to SUPER 20 PMP® Questions – Essential Tips!
Our team has put together 20 tough PMP® -style questions that you must review before taking the exam. On their own, the questions are difficult to answer, but the expert narrator will share test-taking techniques that you can use throughout the entire exam. The people who excel on the PMP® exam understand linkages, such as the relationship between scope management and risk management. Knowing the impact of cause-and-effect is absolutely necessary for the exam, and the SUPER 20 PMP Questions provide this invaluable information. Again … this product is FREE with the purchase of the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus Program.

BONUS ITEM #6 (VIDEO): The Day Before Your PMP® Exam – Key Advice!
How you prepare on the day before the PMP® exam is critical to your success. In this video, you will learn what you should study, and what will waste your time. Here’s a hint: make sure to orient yourself with the content. We provide specific content you should review so that you can answer questions requiring linkages. There are some exam candidates who get “stuck in the weeds,” and this approach can spell disaster on the actual exam. Students have noted the information in this video creates the right mindset to perform well on the PMP®.

BONUS ITEM #7 (VIDEO): The Day of Your PMP® Exam – Be Prepared!
Whether you take the exam in the morning or the afternoon, you have sufficient time to reinforce the key high-level concepts that will be tested on the PMP® exam. Here’s something you will learn in this video: make sure to review the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The ethics questions are interspersed throughout the 5 Process Groups, and knowing the PMI core values is important. We provide clear guidance of what to expect at the testing center, the clothing you should wear, whether to bring food and drinks, and so on. Oh … there’s a policy regarding cough drops and chewing gum. We want you to have a positive exam experience, so make sure to watch this video.

BONUS ITEM #8 (VIDEO): Stay Cool, Confident, and in Control During the PMP® Exam – Stay Focused!
Regardless of how well-prepared you are, the exam is challenging. You have 200 tough questions to answer within 4 hours. Because your concentration level is high, it’s normal to experience anxiety and fatigue. How will you handle the situation where you run into a series of questions where you are unsure of the answers? In this video, you will learn how to remain cool, confident, and in control of the exam by relying on the test-taking tips provided to you in the PMP® Pass Suite Pro Plus. We provide advice on when to take breaks, strategy for marking questions, and when’s it’s appropriate to guess at a question. The last 20 questions are tough because you are ready to “get it over with,” but it’s essential that you finish strong. We provide guidance on how to stay focused all the way to end. We also discuss when you should go with your “gut feel” on a question, and when you should consider changing the answer. Our team of experts have taken the PMI® exams, and we’re prepared to share what we know with you.

BONUS ITEM #9 (VIDEO): Marketing Yourself After Earning the PMP® – Career Advice!
Once you earn the PMP®, it’s time to take full advantage of this tremendous accomplishment. In this video, we share career opportunities, and how you should inform prospective employers that you have the knowledge, expertise, and certification to take on bigger responsibilities. You will learn how to expand into different areas because of your PMP®, such as consulting and teaching at a university, both face-to-face and online. For those of you interested in global opportunities, we discuss items that you should accentuate on your resume. The PMP® is a door opener for career opportunities, but you must know how to exploit them. We also provide the content needed to create a press release in MS Word.

BONUS ITEM #10 (VIDEO): Key Certifications that Complement the PMP® – Move Faster
Many students reach out to us asking for advice on other HOT certifications that are aligned with project management. In this video, we share the Power Triangle, which includes the 3-must-have credentials for anyone managing projects. These certifications are global and industry-agnostic. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are in aviation, banking, education, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and so on. Once you’ve earned the Power Triangle certifications, you are in control of your future. The good news is that outside of the PMP, the other two credentials can be earned within months.

BONUS ITEM #11: Subscription to the PMP® Pass Newsletter – Instant Access!
You will immediately have access to the weekly PMP® Pass Newsletter, which provides valuable test-taking tips, and specific feedback from students who have passed the exam. We also provide challenging sample questions to help you get in the right mindset. The newsletter serves as an excellent motivator to ensure you are making notable progress on your quest to becoming PMP® certified.

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